You are invited to join with us as we seek to be God's loving community for all who enter here. You are received as a friend:


·   just as you are, created by God.


·   whatever your color, culture and customs, your age, abilities or your sexual orientation.


·   wherever circumstances find you… in the midst of change or challenge or pain, in need of strength and hope, or in search of spiritual fullness and friendship.


·   whether you are a new visitor or an old friend, have no church home, have doubts or do not believe, or want to follow Christ and pursue peace and justice in Christ's name.


You are embraced as an expression of the diversity and beauty of the creation God has given us.



What to Expect at DiverseUnited

At DiverseUnited you can expect to be welcomed as an expression of the diversity and beauty of the creation of God. 


You can expect there will be good music: guitar, piano, some kind of rhythm instrument.

You can expect we don't always have answers, but we ALWAYS welcome questions.

You can expect there is always room for the Holy Spirit: there might be dancing, there is always laughter, and there are very few rules.

You can expect that Holy Communion is open to every single person without restriction!

You can expect that we will find any excuse to have a party.

You can expect that we are strange, loving, inspired, saints and sinners.

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